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Apollo 18

With the eternal companion of the Earth-Moon is not little secrets and mysteries that still hold in the strictest confidence. Before the first American astronauts of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon in 1969, the year 1959 was quite a lot of satellite missions with razvedovatelno-research purposes, to study the planet. Last, the sixth landing on the Moon was Apollo 17 expedition in 1972 and after the flights stopped.

The plot of pseudo-documentary film "Apollo 18" tells the story of another landing on the Moon, but information on this project was secret and concealed from the public. About the flight apparatus Apollo 18 known only to selected employees of NASA and according to some reports they had something to hide. After almost 40 years were released some videos stay members of the expedition to the Moon, on which the crew has managed to fix the detection of strange objects, as well as shoot infection of unknown disease. Actors who played in the movie Warren Christie, Lloyd Owen, Ryan Robbins, Michael Kopsa, Andrew Airlie.You are watching the movie Apollo 18 produced in USA, Canada belongs.

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